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Quantum Advisory launches flex proposition

Quantum Advisory, the leading pensions, benefits and actuarial firm, today announced the launch of its innovative flexible benefits solution, QChoice. The technology provides an affordable way for small and medium-sized employers (SMEs) to create a truly bespoke benefits package that drives engagement and supports business performance.

Pauline Iles, Principal Risk & Benefits Consultant at Quantum Advisory, said: “A well-thought out benefits strategy that caters for the needs of employees is important to the success of any business, and Flex has become instrumental here in recent years. Flex is currently driven towards larger organisations with far greater budget and resource, and this has been challenging for smaller employers who want to look after and retain their employees. We want to break this mould with QChoice by offering a high-spec, yet affordable, solution to help SMEs reach their engagement aspirations and level the playing field with their larger counterparts.

“Thanks to our strong contacts in the provider space, we have been able to work with a wide range of suppliers to negotiate some highly-attractive deals, which we know SMEs will really value. Clients can then select up to ten benefits from a range of options to provide for staff via the online portal. Alongside this, our diverse range of reporting options enables clients to strategically select suitable choices for their workforce and help them understand the value of their benefits package – whilst of course measuring success.”

Iles added: “We have a good level of understanding when it comes to the kinds of challenges SMEs face regarding employee benefits, which we feel really sets us apart. In addition, we launched the platform to our own staff in November, which not only demonstrates our shared ambition, but a vested interest in the success of QChoice – meaning our clients can have faith in a tried and tested product from day one.”

Quantum Advisory also offers its bespoke service to larger employers wanting to implement a flexible benefits programme. For more information about QChoice, click here.


Pauline Iles, Principal Risk & Benefits Consultant at Quantum Advisory