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We have extensive experience in the delivery of corporate actuarial and consulting advice, ranging from providing an expert second opinion on advice received from your incumbent advisers to innovative liability management solutions.

We take the time to understand the issues you are facing so that we can tailor our advice accordingly.

Our experience in this area covers:

  • Accounting – Under current accounting standards, pension scheme performance has a direct effect on company profitability, as any surplus or deficit has to appear on a company’s balance sheet. We have extensive experience in providing pension accounting calculations and advice for UK company accounts (FRS102), EU (IAS19), US (FAS87) and Canadian (CICA) parent companies. This includes the determination of the liabilities and assets, the annual cost of providing pensions and the production of draft pension disclosure notes as required.
  • Buy-Ins and Buy-Outs – we have experience in assisting trustees and employers in securing their pension scheme liabilities with an annuity insurer through the use of buy-out and buy-in policies.
  • Pension Increase Exchange – we have worked with a number of clients to reduce their scheme liabilities by undertaking a Pension Increase Exchange exercise.
  • Enhanced Transfer Values – we have worked with a number of clients to reduce their scheme liabilities by undertaking an Enhanced Transfer Value exercise.
  • Longevity Swaps – the transference of the risk of scheme members living for longer than expected through the purchase of longevity swap contracts can have a positive impact upon the financial health of your scheme.
  • Expert second opinion – we can review and comment upon the advice that you, or the pension scheme trustees, have received from your incumbent advisers.