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QChoice – Do you know what your employees really want?

Employers need to ensure that they protect their investment in people. Good employers will do this by engaging, motivating and ultimately retaining employees through the provision of staff benefits.

However, the workforce has changed, employees are more demanding, are often engaged by technology, are time conscious and want the ability to make decisions on the ‘go’. With employees becoming disengaged at work we need to find innovative ways of meeting the growing needs and expectations of today’s workforce.

QChoice delivers a fully mobile, responsive experience, enabling employees to make their choices via smartphone, tablet or desktop. ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ is now a reality, rather than a dream.

Whatever the size of your organisation, understanding your employees’ motivations remains a key ingredient in the successful launch of any flex scheme.

Making a start

Quantum’s employee insight survey is the key to understanding your employees. In fact, the very concept of asking employees for their views generates a positive vibe. With the huge variety of benefits available today, it’s important to remember that providing employees with a choice of benefits is, on its own, not enough, it needs to be the right choice of benefits which helps ensure an engaged employee population.

The risk of doing nothing

Replacing staff is an expensive business; firms have long understood that losing staff is a key risk to success, but the financial cost of staff turnover has received little attention. Many organisations tend to underestimate the costs associated with recruitment and retention.

Getting value for money

Few companies know what their return on investment is from their employee benefits package. Many don’t even know which perks are most popular or why. Boosting salary might sound like the easiest option for improving benefits, but it will hardly be the most cost effective. By way of an example, an organisation employing 200 staff, each earning an average £20,000 will spend an extra £40,000 per annum having given a 1% pay rise. For a fraction of this cost, the same organisation could implement QChoice and start to develop a far more engaged workforce.

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