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Investment Consulting Services

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Demanding regulatory requirements, uncertain investment markets and increasing reliance on the sponsor covenant all result in pension scheme investment featuring prominently on the trustee board agenda.

Our experienced consultants have the range of skills and services to meet all governance needs and budgets.

Investment Consulting

An enhanced approach to traditional consulting, delivering clear guidance via a personal, engaged-partner approach.

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Fiduciary Manager Oversight

An independent and informed approach to third-party fiduciary manager procurement, ongoing monitoring and management of fiduciary mandates and managers.

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Investment Tools

Introducing QuantiFI, offering smarter financial management for defined benefit pensions

QuantiFI is a real-time financial management consulting tool for trustees and finance directors which supports the ongoing analysis of funding and investment strategies of defined benefit pension schemes, enabling trustees to make better informed decisions in a more timely manner, thereby helping them to achieve their funding objectives.