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Top 18 for 2018…

We are proud to have made the WalesOnline list of the top 18 Welsh businesses with big plans and growth for the coming year!…

“Quantum Advisory (Quantum) was set up in early 2000, and is an independent financial services consultancy that provides solution based pension and employee benefit services to employers, scheme trustees and members of corporate pension arrangements.

Quantum is unique as they are the only financial services company in Wales that provides the full range of pensions and related services under one roof, consequently they have a big share of the Welsh market.

They have recently recruited their 100th member of staff and relocated to new premises in St Mellons this year to accommodate the growing team with plenty of room for future expansion.

Cardiff is their head office, where the majority of staff are employed. But it also has regional offices in Amersham, Birmingham, Bristol and London.

Currently they only offer their services to corporates and not individuals, however, given the recent flexibilities afforded to UK pensions there is now even more of a requirement for clear and concise pensions advice for individuals.

In 2018 Quantum are planning to expand their services from just corporate to include individuals with their retirement planning; from the moment they join a pension scheme to when they retire and well into retirement.”


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